Testimonies of Encounter

Notes from the Encountering Christ Within class:

Thank you for the time you give to Father to be with us on Mondays and Wednesdays. Your class has meant so much to me. Abba uses your words and Spirit is thick in the room, each time. I love it, there is nothing like His presence. He really is looking on us and favoring the time we are together seeking Him. I thank Him for the way He uses you, you have been such a blessing to my life. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for being still, listening and obeying. He is changing lives through you! Your word about being like a "Tiffany Lamp", I believe is very prophetic. And the timing of that was so beautiful. He has really been showing me who I am little by little and in such tangible and neat ways. TB

Thanks again for helping me love Jesus even more by helping me encounter His heart for me. I was touched by God's love in a deeper way and saw His kindness in a new light. During the session I saw a moving picture of God the Father washing me very tenderly with great care and joy in His eyes. Though I had many little scratches and wounds, He cared for each one of them and healed them. I realized that God enjoys caring and healing me, and an old mindset of my wounds being a burden to Him, or something that He just wants to fix quickly rather impatiently, fell away and was replaced by the realization that God enjoys the healing process and likes taking the time to be with me and heal me. LH

Notes from the Grief Recovery:

Thanks so much for urging us to pray out loud a the end of class, as hearing myself speak from my heart to God was incredibly and surprisingly powerful. It's a time I can go back to as a time of marking and release. It meant so much more than if I had merely journaling my prayer. MM

A letter to Sorrow


O, Sorrow! You are a heavy whisperer in the night!

Speaking, offering me much to sink in and dwell on in the day.

Things I cannot control nor change. The hopes & dreams you give are like crafty schemes to ensnare the affections of my heart. You are distracting me.

You temporarily give me confidence and peace to sleep at night and live in fantasy during the day.

The hopes crumble & the dreams shatter with painful disappointment.

My secure confidence becomes undressed. Shame and guilt reveal that

I was insecure the entire time. Yet I still trusted in you. Despite the shame you made me bare I listened to you.

So why do I continue to give ear to Sorrow?

What keeps my ear inclined to you?

Why should I continue to consider your wisdom and experience?

Your hope has failed me time and time again!

You only continue to tear my heart and lead my mind into a thousand meaningless places.

Peace? It is not peace that you give.

Only silence filled with worrisome clingings to the false hopes that you offer.

You must go now. Something has to change. You have to leave.

My Lover has asked me to remove you from my heart.

I must obey. He loves me. You have not loved me. You have hated every moment with me. Enjoying the torment you give me. You have tried to rob my vision that my life might turn to death. This mustn't be. I will not cast off my restraint.

Leave. His Majesty demands it. I demand it. His blood shed for my heart has the authority to take back what is rightfully His. My heart is His. Every thought is His. You must give them back. You have no place to speak any longer. His blood does not allow death to speak. Flee! Your place is back in the fiery depths with devils like you. Not here. I am His. I will marry Him. I am His promise. He will marry me, but not while I am still tied to you. Go.

Notes from reading Longing for You, the Journey from Intercession to Intimacy:

***The Journey from Intercession to Intimacy is for all who want to walk with our Lord in a real moment to moment way. Debbie writes as if the Lord himself were right beside her saying, "I want them to know how much I love them." Perhaps this is the love that will unlock our hearts to freely move us to love and reach the lost in a new way. How could they not want to love and be loved by our Savior..... GUEST ON IHOP-WEBSITE

***Since I opened Longing For you: The Journey from Intercession to Intimacy for the very first time and every time since then, tears just begin to well-up an stream down my face as the reality of God's love for me began to seep in and make sense to me. I have grown up in the church world always hearing God loves me, but never understanding it. Last year, I started a journey to understand the cross and how it represented love and not shame, how song of Solomon was really a love song to me, and how the Uncreated One could choose me..... so, when I opened this book it was like all the missing puzzle pieces in my brain were connected and God's divine revelation of who He is and how much He truly loves me, became so clear. Reading this book has pushed me deep into the Father heart of God and His love. BR

***I gave a copy of this wonderful book to an employee of mine who has made some poor life decisions in the past. She wrote me a thank you card and told me that this book, Longing for You, is going to help her find the relationship with God she has always looked for but did not know how to find. She went home and read the entire book the first night! I have also provided this book to a business consultant who has done work for me. I come across so many who are "Christians" but do not have intimacy and this book is helping them. It has also helped me. DW

***I grew up in the church and managed to misunderstand just how much God really loves me. This book opened my eyes in a way that they have never been opened before and in turn it open my heart, allowing God's love to seep in. I am forever changed by this new perspective, which the author expresses so beautifully. My life is changing because of it and in turn I hope that I will be able to share Christ's love with others in a brand new way. PT



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