...in the language of love, freedom is spelled FORGIVEN! DLCossu

About Me

I reside in Kansas City, Missouri and have been on staff at The International House of Prayer-Kansas City (IHOP-KC) as an intercessory missionary since June 2002. That simply means I pray full time as my vocation! I am native Virginian with three grown children, and twin grandbabies. My book is about intimacy with the One who loves you more than anyone else is able. My passion is to see all who are longing for encounter with God to have a personal experience of His love. I am confident intimacy with Christ is the main reality that sustains martyrs as they are facing hideous and brutal death, as well as the needed ingredient for all who will stand victorious in love in the midst of crisis and the growing onslaught of evil all around. I have been teaching THE ENCOUNTERING CHRIST WITHIN class on the mission base since the fall of 2006, and developed an eight week Grief Recovery course that is also offered here on the mission base. I have spoken at churches, pastor's conferences, women's retreats and Aglow meetings. I have also taken mission trips to pray on site, including times in the Philippines, England, Malta, and Romania. Prayer is now my fulltime job.

My book is also now available in English and Spanish as an E-book, and printed in Korean!

A VISUAL PRELUDE of the book

Look to see this scene with your heart. The bride is standing, dressed in readiness, waiting for the wedding to begin. She is looking out a bay window with her hand lifted, pulling back the curtain, hoping to catch a glimpse of the groom's arrival. Her eyes are wide opened, and although it is a misty dawn she peers into, no amount of clouds will cause her to sit back down.

"Longing" could be the name of this picture if put onto a canvas.

However the bride is not the center of attention as you look. It is the Bridegroom. Christ is standing behind her, and His hand is imposed over hers, pulling back the curtain. The sun is shinning from behind Him through the window so as to cast His shadow over the Bride, and tears are flowing down His face. Oh yes, the Bride is looking, but dear one, it is the Groom who is longing.

Jesus is longing for you.

This description is a very clear picture of the theme of the book. Whether you are male or female, Jesus is longing for fellowship with you, for communion and  for ongoing communication. In these pages you will hear a phrase or passage that you will feel was written just for you...I assure you it was! I had my team of intercessors praying over the book as it was getting ready for publication, and more than one would stop over just a sentence for days to pray for those whose lives would be changed because of the truth contained. Shadows of the past are removed, and new hope for that which is yet to be occure in His Presence, moment by moment. As we get a clear picture of Who Jesus is, we come to see who we are in His eyes, and nothing else matters. The reality and the victory of love you have always dared to believe must be true, will come to life in your heart as you read this book for yourself.

You will begin to live in this Present Moment, and this one and this one and this one, right into eternity in this journey of love!