This website was developed because of my passion to prepare and equip all who desire to stand in the last days, which are unfolding even now. I hope to make this site into a well-spring of information, as well as an introduction to all who desire to encounter Christ within!

This new expression of my ongoing missionary lifestyle is to further make known the glory of the cross of Jesus Christ. He invites everyone to experience His Presence as reality on the inside. Be still and know Him is looked upon as an invitation by most, and as all invitations can be ignored or refused. He does invite us personally, but also a key for those who do not want their hearts to grow cold.

I desire to see everyone my life touches walk into their God given destiny...and His Presence is not only the destination, but the escort for our journey along the way. Encountering Christ within is not a one time event, but rather a lifestyle to be embraced. I believe that we are living in the last days of human history. There is a sudden urgency in the hour in which we live. We are living in a time in which God is revealing Himself as both Bridegroom and Judge. He is fueling our hearts through intimacy unto urgency so that we might pray and seek Him in a deeper way.

He is removing everything that hinders the victory of His love. 

May Christ Himself bring your heart to a place of recieving His love in vibrant and lasting ways due to what you find here. Then may the river of life in you, flow through you to a broken and dying world.

Jesus is longing for you.

You are longing for Him.

...and so is a dying world!

We come know Him and His love in the shadow, and the power, of the cross. The cross must be the centerpiece of our lives, and is the reason this web site has been developed. Here you will find His Voice of Love, just like in my book. In these venues of love, you will experience life, new life, and life abundantly, on the inside!

Fellowshipping With the Holy Spirit

February 14th, 2010

One of the most important, yet seemingly neglected, practices in Christian living is the act of talking to the indwelling Spirit of God.

Every believer has the Spirit of God living inside him or her, through the cross and shed blood of Jesus, but many don’t connect to this glorious reality.

In John 14–16, Jesus gives His most in-depth teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit and His presence in the life of the disciple. Jesus names the indwelling Spirit the Comforter, Teacher, Helper, and Advocate precisely because these names point to the Spirit’s character and function in the lives of Christians. What the law could not do in making men righteous, the Holy Spirit can do as we recognize and receive His grace.

I believe that one of the most necessary things for the end-time church to possess is clarity in this truth. We must take time to cultivate the relationship through which His activity and power is released. The principles of John 14–16 are imperative for us in this hour. We must know how to go forward in righteousness as the darkness of the world gets darker. In order to do so, we need understanding and light from these passages.

Mike Bickle has given a comprehensive teaching on the practice of fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. If you would like to go deeper in this subject, you can download the teaching notes here